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You don’t have time to take care of your silhouette. You think that if you don’t eat you’ll get thin, but you discover that, after seven days of starvation, not only that you haven’t lost one gram of your body weight, but that you’re capable of eating anything.

If you are preoccupied with your body weight, you are already on it. The fluctuations of 1-3 kilograms during summer and winter are normal, but frequent slimming diets, with loses of 10-15 kg that you regain them only to loose them next summer, are definitely noxious for you health.

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There are many inefficient diets

Even the concept of ” diet” is wrong. There are no slimming diets, but only a healthy way of eating and living. If you want to loose weight because you think that in this way you will be healthier, you will have serious issues with the level of sugar in your blood and with blood pressure. You will feel refreshed, lighter, you will move easier and you will have a better tonus. Because loosing weight means to adopt a new way of living, to eat healthy food, according to your body’s needs.


It gives results in the loosing weight process, as it reduces hunger, activates the metabolism, balances the function of several organs and stimulates the centre of will. This therapy relies on the stimulation of some points on the energetic meridians of our body, in order to fix the low energy tides of the body in some organs, stimulating thus the metabolism, which is responsible for the deposit of adipose tissue.

Obesity rarely comes alone, so acupuncture can also treat the affections that come along with fatness, such as improper secretion of insulin, high-pressure levels and articular pains. The great advantage of acupuncture is that you loose weight naturally, gradually, without having in the end hanging skin, cellulites or that unaesthetic aspect of orange peel.

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Do You Know That…?

The stimulation of 36 Stomach point, at three fingers under the patella and at one finger near the shinbone, give you the energy of a digested fried chicken.
In order to stimulate the will it is necessary it stimulate the points on the Kidney energetic meridian, which climbs the inner part of the leg?
The stimulation of the points on the Abdomen meridian eliminates the tiredness that can appear due to a low hydrocarbon diet. Remember this tip if you have such a diet.

The alternative therapies can help you loose weight but that they cannot replace healthy food and exercises. You can use acupuncture, presopuncture, massage, phytotherapy, reflex therapy, alone or combined.
You can focus on your slimming process on acupuncture but that, without a healthy diet, it will be difficult to see the results.

Alternative therapies are being recommended for fatness and not for endocrine obesity, for which you need the advice of an endocrinologist.

Different Plants

Phytotherapy can be used as a complementary method. In the ingredients of a slimming tea there must be light laxative plants in order to accelerate the intestinal transit, diuretic plants in order to eliminate the excess of water, and plants that can balance the endocrine activity.

Here is the formula of a slimming tea that you can prepare at home: 40 g of leafs, the entire plant or dandelion root; 20 g of tassel or birch tree leafs; 15 g common elder flowers; 25 g waythorn crust or bindweed grass. You make a decoct from one spoon with tea/cup, and you drink 2-3 cups with warm, nonsweetened tea, between meals, for at least one month.

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