Unrecommended Foods for Under One-year-old Children

Unrecommended Foods for Under One year old Children

The concerns regarding your child’s nutrition and his eating habits begin since birth. Your concerns are justified because some foods are not recommended for your baby as they provoke different problems, from simple allergies to sustaining unhealthy nutritional habits.
Whether you breast-feed your baby or you use baby milk powder, you should avoid the following foods, at least in the first year:



Foods that provoke allergies

According to the doctor’s recommendations, you should wait at least one year until you shall give your child the following foods: cow milk, egg albumin, chocolate, citrus fruits, fish and sea fruits, nuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and peanut butter.

Foods that may lead to asphyxiation

Children under the age of 4 have a great risk of choking if he eats popcorn, walnuts, peanut butter (when he uses a spoon to eat the butter or when the peanut butter layer is too thick on the slice of bread. In order to reduce the risk, spread a thin layer of butter on bread), hard candies, grapes, raw carrots, hot dogs (you have to peel off the sausage and slice it).

Foods with no nutritional value

If you let your child eat sweets, he might prefer them instead of foods: candies, acidulated drinks, fruit juice (choose juices with 100 % fruit pulp), sweet cereals. Very salty products: chips, biscuits, popcorn.

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