Is my child using drugs ?

child using drugs

Once their children became teenagers, parents became worried and preoccupied with their child’s habits. Drugs are their major concern. Statistics show that over 70 % of boys and 50 % of girls took drugs, at least once. In case you are concern with this issue, here are some tips that may help you overpass crises.

The use of drugs is influenced by several factors so try to avoid them as much as possible:

  • The frequent change of school and residence, accompanied by the social inadaptability.
  • The accessibility of drugs increases the risk of drug addiction. If the teenager has many friends who are on drugs, he will be tented to try.
  • If a member of your family is alcoholic, the teenager will have violent tendencies and an inappropriate behavior that may lead to the use of drugs.
  • Pay attention to the education you’re giving him. If you’re too strict or too permissive, you will encourage him to misbehave. Try to avoid these two extremes as much as you can.
  • The lack of communication is a real danger. Be open-minded and let him know that you’re interested in his activities. Talk to him about what he does or what he likes. Give your attention to him and make him feel heard and understood.
  • Don’t let him feel lonely and thus try to spent more time together. You should plan trips, visits and goings out.
  • Know his friends. Find out if someone in his group of friends is taking drugs.

Your teenage kid is taking drugs if:

  • He changed his behavior, he is morose, he is lying, he is skipping classes;
  • He is agitated, he has no appetite and he doesn’t come home at night;
  • He is always tired; he refuses to talk and prefers to sleep during the day.

Cannabis produces eye redness and the smoke has a different smell than tobacco smoke. Cocaine and heroin dilate the pupil.
Cannabis abuse limit young users’ ability to have fun, as well as learning and getting skilled up and ready for jobs. Results of online surveys revealed that 15 per cent of children aged between 12 and 15 said they had experimented with illegal drugs, most often cannabis, but also heroin, cocaine and ecstasy.

Thousands of children are receiving addiction treatment for drug abuse as stresses including family breakdown and expulsion from school fuel a rise in young people appealing for help with their addictions.

Official figures obtained by The Independent on Sunday have revealed that more than 9,000 children aged as young as nine entered drug rehabilitation programs for drug problems in England last year.
One in every twenty people in your neighborhood is using some form of pain reliever, Oxycontin, tranquilizer, stimulant or sedative and it’s not for medical use. They’re doing it to escape something or they’re doing it to “feel” good.

To truly understand the type of drug rehab that is appropriate for individuals with a chronic drug addiction problem it is important to understand the mechanisms that are at work. The brain adapts to the presence of drugs and make adjustments accordingly.
Because of these chemical changes in the brain due to the constant use of drugs, when a drug abuser attempts to halt their drug use the brain signals the individual that the drug is needed.

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