Indistinguishable reduction of aliments quantity helps efficiently slim

Sometimes, sudden loss of weight has undesirable effects on our health condition and on our body esthetics.
An imbalanced diet contributes to setting up of some problems such as anemia, deduction of red globules, default of minerals and vitamins, and finally a decrease of organism resistance.

This new diet consists in weighing the aliments and decreasing their quantity with every meal. We will weigh the usual plate served at all three meals. After balancing the quantities, for one week, we will serve dinner with five grams less than the other meals. The next week we do that with lunch and in the third one we reduce the quantity of breakfast. We should do that for 120 days.
weigh food diet
The advantages of this diet are:
– we eat normal without renouncing to our habits
– we educate ourselves not to overpass the rations that keep our good health
– we do not have to drink more than a glass of wine or 300 grams of beer per day
the 5 gram diet can be followed by anyone who does not have medical nourishment interdictions.

healthy eating fish fuits
And now we will give you some secrets that will help you keep fit:
– have every meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Every meal has to be served at a fixed hour. Aliments assimilate differently, with diverse effects during the day
breakfast remains the most important meal of the day !
– decrease the quantity of sweets because they stimulate hunger
every meal has to include three diverse aliments, of different colors, putting away pasta, bread and soup. We will opt for skim cheese, a vegetable or a fruit.
– ideally, we should not eat in a hurry and masticate meal every mouthful.

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