Food that increases your cold endurance

The garlic, the chicken soup or the citrus fruits are not just known as old panacea but also for their properties in helping your organism to resist to cold weather.

The warm chicken soup will release your pipes and the contained nutritional elements will provide you the energy needed.
The garlic contains arsenic that kills the germs, it is a very efficient antioxidant which destroys the free radicals, responsible for the cells’ deterioration. If you want you can alternate the garlic with an onion per day.

If you got a cold you should avoid alcohol because by consuming it you only get to weaken your immune bodies. What you have to do is to drink as much liquids as you can, because the fever and the shivers produce a great loss of water in your organism.
Bowl chicken soup
You can drink hot liquids because any exterior heat helps killing the germs.
The natural juices made at home will provide you with the vitamins and the minerals to strengthen your organism.

The Vitamin C is essential for you when you are cold and you can easily find it in vegetables and fruits, especially in kiwi, apples, briar fruits or lemons.
Citrus Fruits
In fact, if you did not know two cups of lemon juice and one onion per day kill all your germs.

In the battle against a cold you may also use as weapons the spices such as the pepper, the laurel and the cloves.
So do not forget to eat every day some FRESH fruits and vegetables so you can resist to the cold that is about to come.

To your health!

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