Anorexia and Green Pharmacy

anorexia and green pharmacy

In the last couple of years, an obsession for diets spread among women. It is natural to hate being overweight, but drastic measures, with draconic diets and severe nutritional mistakes lead to anorexia.

Unfortunately, an increasing number of women, especially young women, take on a diet without knowing its side-effects. Anorexia is one of them. Characterized as a disturbance of food behavior, anorexia appears when an individual refuses to eat. It is a disease with devastating effects over the human metabolism, but it can be treated.

Phytotherapy, for instance, gives positive results in the treatment of this disease. Medical plants stimulate gastric secretion; there are plants tonic-bitter plants and aromatic plants. These plants contain bitter substances that stimulate the mucous of the stomach, increases gastric secretion and stimulate the appetite through the taste receptors from the mouth. As infusions and decocts are difficult to administrate due to their bitterness, one may use tinctures and powders. Children may take bitter syrups and grown-ups medical wines.

green pharmacy


Gentian root: use only the washed, chopped and dried roots. Make an infusion or a decoct from half of spoon with root and a cup of water. Drink a quart of cup before each meal. In order to prepare a tincture, let 20 g of root to macerate in 100 ml of alcohol for seven or eight days. Children should take 5-10 drops and grown-ups 10-15 drops before each meal. In order to prepare a medical wine with tonic properties (for anorexic adults only) let three spoons of root to macerate in 60 ml alcohol of 80˚ for 24 hours. Then add 1 l of with wine and let everything to macerate for 10 days. Shake the mix several times per day. Filter the mix and add 100-200 g of sugar. Take one spoon, half an hour before meal. In order to get syrup, add 150 ml of boiled water over one spoon of root and let it to macerate for 6 hours. Then filter it. Add 250 g of sugar and boil it until it gets the consistency of syrup. Take 3-4 spoons per day, before each meal.

Drug centaury: use only the chopped and dried aerial parts of the plant. Prepare the infusion from one spoon of plant for one cup of water. Drink a quart of cup before each meal. In order to get a tincture, let 20 g of plant to macerate in 100 ml of alcohol for seven or eight days. Drink 30-40 drops with water or wine. The medical wine needs 60 g of plant macerated in 1 l of red wine for eight days. Drink a small glass of wine before each meal. In order to prepare the syrup, infuse two spoons of plant in 300 m of water, then filter and add ½ kg of sugar. Boil it. Children should drink a small glass of wine before meal.

Tea and Tinctures

  • Mix 4 spoons of wild strawberries leaves, 4 spoons of mint leaves, 4 spoons of drug centaury and 1 spoon of wormwood. Add one small spoon of mix at one cup of boiled water. Let it to infuse for 10 minutes and drink a teacup before meal.
  • Put in a bottle of 500 ml 1 spoon of chopped white wormwood, 1 spoon of drug centaury, 1 spoon of common yarrow and 1 spoon of common juniper grains. Add refined alcohol of 38-40° to cover the plants. Let it to macerate for two weeks and then take half of spoon of tincture before each meal.
  • Mix 1 spoon of medicinal fennel seeds, 1 spoon of chopped gentian and 1 spoon of drug centaury flowers. Add 500 ml of boiled water and cover it for 30 minutes. Take 2 spoons of mix before each meal.

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