6 Fish Oil Benefits and Uses

fish oil

Fish oil can have a number of different benefits for your health and well being. It’s no wonder that it’s a very popular supplement for people to take and that fish is a popular diet item for people trying to eat better. Here are some of the top fish oil benefits that you may not have known about:

  1. Reduction of osteoarthritis symptoms: taking fish oil every day or including fish oil in your diet can help to reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis conditions. In scientific testing on guinea pigs, regular fish oil supplements were able to reduce the inflammatory process and joint pain in subjects by 50%.
  2. Making you look younger: Adding fish oil into your diet can reduce cellular regeneration and slow the rate of telomere shortening over five years of doses. This means that you can improve the look of your skin and potentially look 5-10 years younger after taking fish oil over the long term.
  3. Protection from outside toxins: Fish oil can help to boost our immune system especially when it comes to unclean air quality. Fish oil actually works to protect us from cardiac and lipid effects that can come from air quality pollution.
  4. Improving memory and brain power: fish oil supplements can help to improve our cognitive function as well as reduce aging in the brain. Taking regular fish oil supplements can help to keep your brain healthy and improve memory functions.
  5. Preserving your muscles: Taking fish oil can reduce muscle loss as well as prevent muscle loss in patients undergoing treatments like chemotherapy. In clinical trials on patients undergoing chemotherapy, 69% of patients that were taking fish oil supplements through their round of chemo were actually able to put on more muscle mass.
  6. Improving your metabolism: exercising and taking fish oil supplements can help to reduce body fat stores in our abdomen. Because of the anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oil its is possible to improve our metabolism, improve fat loss and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Keep these top benefits in mind if you are considering taking fish oil supplements.